ISMB'99 Posters and Software Demonstrations

You can identify the posters via the poster number indicated on the poster boards. The poster number has been assigned w.r.t. to the alphabetical order of the first authors name. This number is equal to both the poster number and the page number in your poster abstract booklet.

Due to the large number of posters and the short time available for the poster sessions, we encourage to have the posters on display during all of the conference days according to the following schedule:

If you are going to present a poster please stick to this schedule.

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List of 170 Posters/Software Demonstrations presented at ISMB'99

  1. Jarmo T. Alander
    An Algorithmic Approach to Protein Folding

  2. Carolyn F. Allex, Frederick R. Blattner, Jude W. Shavlik
    A Comparison of DNA Fragment Assembly Consensus Accuracies: SeqManII, Phrap, TIGR, and Sequencher

  3. R.M. Andrews, D.P. Kreil, E.M. Zdobnov
    SRS - New Developments in Integration of Databases and Analysis Tools

  4. Kiyoshi Asai, Yutaka Ueno, Katunobu Itou, Tetsushi Yada
    Hidden Markow Models with Multiple Streams for Gene Annotation

  5. Jonathan H. Badger
    CRITICA: Coding Region Identification Tool Invoking Comparative Analysis

  6. Alex Bateman, Ewan Birney, Kevin Howe, Richard Durbin
    Quality Control in the Pfam Database

  7. Catherine Beauheim, Armin O. Schmitt, Subha Srinivasan
    Comparison of Commonly used Algorithms for Clustering Gene Expression Data (ps)

  8. Véronique Biaudet, Shahinaz Gas, Franck Samson, Étienne Dervyn, S. Dusko Ehrlich, Philippe Bessières
    Systematic Functional Analysis of Bacillus Subtilis with Micado, an Integrative Database for Microbes

  9. Eckart Bindewald, Matthias Heiler, Ulrike Höfer, Thomas Schüle, Susanne Beiersdörfer, Silvio Tosatto, Jürgen Hesser, Reinhard Männer
    Ab Initio Protein Structure Prediction with MOLEGO

  10. Judith A. Blake, Joel E. Richardson, Lois J. Maltais, Richard M. Baldarelli, Ken S. Frazer, Martin Ringwald, Janan T. Eppig
    Integration of Gene Family and Protein Family Information in the Mouse Genome Database (ps)

  11. Christian Blaschke, Alfonso Valencia
    Tools for the Extraction of Biological Information from Text

  12. Sebastian Böcker, Andreas W.M. Dress, Mike A. Steel
    Patching Up X-Trees

  13. Jana G. Böhm, Marianne Siegfried, Jonathan Prince, Chandra M. Sarkar, Flavio R. Ortigao, Anthony J. Brookes
    HGBASE: A Comprehensive Database of Human Intra-Genic DNA-Polymorphisms (ps)

  14. Bert-Oliver Böhmer
    Vector NTI Suite: SSBM-Software solution for Bio-Medicine (ps)

  15. Uta Bohnebeck, Manfred Nölte, Thomas Schäfer, Marite Sirava, Thomas Waschulzik, Gerald Volkmann
    An Approach to the Determination of Optimized Oligonucleotide Sets for DNA Chips

  16. Andreas Bohne, Claus-W. von der Lieth, Wolf-Dieter Lehmann
    GLYPEPS - A Web based Tool for Decision Support in Glycopeptide Identification and Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

  17. Andreas Bohne, Elke Lang, Claus-W. von der Lieth
    Carbohydrate Modeling by Internet: New Features of W3-SWEET

  18. Norbert Brändle, Horst Bischoff, Hilmar Lapp
    Towards A Fully Automated Analysis of Hybridization Spot Array Images (ps)

  19. Barbara Brannetti, Allegra Via, Luisa Montecchi-Palazzi, Gianni Cesareni, Manuela Helmer Citterich
    SH3-spot: A new Method to Predict the Specificity of Interaction of Protein Domains (ps)

  20. Steven E. Brenner, Michael Levitt
    Computational Approaches for Structural Genomics

  21. Richard M. Bruskiewich, Susan Rhodes, David Bentley, Tim Hubbard
    Performance Assessment and Optimization of Ab Initio Gene Prediction Algorithms against Biologically Annotated Sequences

  22. K. Bryson, M.S. Joy, M. Luck, D.T. Jones
    GeneWeaver: A novel Genome Annotation System based on Software Agents

  23. withdrawn

  24. Maura Cárdenas-García, Miguel Angel Armas, Jaime Lagúnez Otero
    Search of Therapeutic Targets using a Model of Intracellular Signals Mediated by Ras

  25. John-Marc Chandonia, Jonathan Blake, Fred Cohen
    MINAREA II: A Minimum Area Metric for the Structural Comparison of Proteins

  26. Zhuan Chen, Anthony Kusalik
    Triplex DNA Analysis and Probe Design Using Constraint Logic Programming

  27. B. Chevreux, T. Pfisterer, T. Wetter, S. Suhai
    Knowledge Assisted Assembly of Genomic Sequences

  28. Alan Christoffels, Robert Miller, Andrey Ptitsyn, Chellappa Gopalakrishnan, Peter van Heusden, Janet Kelso, Tania Broveak, Winston Hide
    STACK PACK and STACK (Sequence Tag Alignment and Consensus Knowledgebase): A Novel, Comprehensive, Hierarchical EST Clustering and Consensus Generation and Analysis System Providing Unique Insight into the Human Genome

  29. David Dahle, Mark Diekhans, Leslie Grate, Eric Rice, Richard Hughey
    The UCSC Kestrel Sequence Analysis Server

  30. Marie-Dominique Devignes, Andre Schaaff, Malika Smail
    Querying Heterogeneous Databases: A User-Orienttaed System for Collecting and Structuring Genome Information

  31. Robin Dowell, Sean R. Eddy
    Interactive Visualization of HMMER Models

  32. Jaime F. Duckworth, Robert K. Stodola
    An Intelligent System For Generating Result Matrices of Very Large Datasets

  33. Lynda B.M. Ellis, Doyle Kalumbi
    The Financial Viability of Public Biological Data

  34. Lynda B.M. Ellis, I. Saira Mian, Lawrence P. Wackett
    The University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database: A Pathway/Genome Dataset and System

  35. Peter Ernst, Mechthild Falkenhahn, Karl-Heinz Glatting, Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt, Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, Sandor Suhai
    Biocomputing Resources at the DKFZ

  36. Peter Ernst, Karl-Heinz Glatting, M. Senger, Sandor Suhai
    W2H: a WWW Interface to Applications in Bioinformatics

  37. Piero Fariselli, Rita Casadio
    The Role of Evolutionary Information in Predicting the Disulfide Bonding State of Cysteine in Proteins

  38. Markus Fischer, Tanja Schulz, Jürgen Pleiss, Rolf D. Schmid
    Shape and Properties of Lipase Binding Sites

  39. Amit Fliess, Ron Unger
    Swaps in Protein Sequences

  40. A. Freier, R. Hofestädt, M. Lange, U. Scholz
    Database Integration for the Simulation of Metabolic Network Control

  41. Nir Friedman, Iftach Nachman, Dana Pe'er
    From Bayesian Networks to Gene Networks: Understanding Expression Data

  42. G. Fuellen, J.-W. Wägele
    Phylogeny Inference by Minimum Conflict

  43. Matthias Futschik, Mark Schreiber, Chris M. Brown, Nikola Kasabov
    Comparative Studies of Neural Network Models for mRNA Analysis

  44. Terry Gaasterland, Bing Hai
    Eukaryotic Functional Families based on Prokaryotic Genomic Neighborhoods

  45. Terry Gaasterland, Gulriz Kurban
    Target Selection for Structural Genomics

  46. Terry Gaasterland, Alexander Sczyrba
    Multigenome MAGPIE

  47. Steffi Gebauer-Jung, Thomas Wiehe
    Processing Local Alignments

  48. René Gibson, Donald T. Moir, Lo-See L. Ling, Anthony Caruso, Douglas R. Smith
    A Graphical Package for the Visualization of Genomic Analysis and Comparisons of one or more Genomic Segments

  49. David Gilbert, Juris Viksna
    Pattern Discovery Methods for Protein Topology Diagrams

  50. Christoph Gille, Andrean Goede, Robert Preissner, Kristian Rother, Cornelius Frömmel
    Evolutionary Conservation of Interfaces of Secondary Structural Elements in Proteins shown for the Proteasomal Subunits

  51. Véronique Giudicelli, Marie-Paule Lefranc
    Ontology for Immunogenetics: IMGT-ONTOLOGY

  52. Jason Goncalves, Jacob Mouka, Ozgur Huner, Jaime Cuticchia, James R. Woodgett
    Assignment of P--element Genomic Sequence Tags to Expressed Genes Sequences in Drosophila

  53. J. Gorodkin, O. Lund, S. Brunak
    Organization and Prediction of Structural Domains in Multidomain Proteins

  54. X. Guan, Jurgen Lehmann, Ray Grimaila, Eric Lai, Lei Du
    Novel Gene Identification through Family-based Classification of EST Sequences

  55. Eran Halperin, Simchon Faigler, Raveh Gill-More
    FramePlus - A Sensitive Algorithm for Aligning DNA to Protein Sequences

  56. Jens Hanke, Gerrit Lehmann, Harald Pankow, Inga Zastrow, Dave Brett, Jens G. Reich
    MEDSEQ: Development of a Service for the Analysis of Disease Genes

  57. Karsten R. Heidtke
    BioSim - A Semi-Quantitative, Qualitative Simulation Environment for Molecular Biology

  58. Henning Hermjakob, Wolfgang Fleischmann, Rolf Apweiler
    Swissknife "Lazy Parsing" of SWISS-PROT Entries

  59. withdrawn

  60. Sebastian Hoersch, Keith Robison, Sudeshna Das, Dave Rose, Christophe Leroy, John Morris, Maggie Zhou, John Chan, Jeremy Ahouse, Tom Barnes, Barbara Bryant, Chris Sander
    Leveraging EST Data for Marker and Target Discovery

  61. Ian Holmes, William J. Bruno
    Handel Operatics for Alignment, Phylogeny and Profiling

  62. Paul Horton
    A New Heuristic for Local Multiple Sequence Alignment

  63. Kevin L. Howe, Ewan Birney
    New Software for Managing the Pfam Protein Domain Families Database

  64. Daniel H. Huson
    New Software for Phylogenetic Analysis

  65. Daniel H. Huson
    Correcting Large Distances for Phylogenetic Reconstruction

  66. Hervé Isambert, Eric D. Siggia
    RNA Structure Prediction: Modeling the Folding Kinetics

  67. R. D. Isokpehi, B. N. Thomas, G. Ojo, A. B. Sofoluwe, A. O. Coker
    In-Silico Study of the 16S Ribosomal RNA Gene of Campylobacters, Helicobacters and Arcobacters

  68. Richard M. Jackson, Robert B. Russell, Janet M. Thornton
    Predicting Function from Structure: Using a Threedimensional Local Main-chain Binding Motif and an Environmental Profile

  69. Keith E. Joho, David J. Chang, Albert F. Shpuntoff
    A Data Mining Tool for Frame-Shift Smith-Waterman Outputs

  70. Yvonne Kallberg, Bengt Persson
    KIND - A Nonredundant Database

  71. Alexander Kanapin, Wolfgang Fleischmann, Evgueni Zdobnov, Rolf Apweiler
    InterPro: Integrated Resource of Protein Domains and Functional Sites

  72. withdrawn

  73. M. Kieninger, T. Kämpke
    Large Scale Sequence Analysis with DoPrimer

  74. withdrawn

  75. Walter A. Koppensteiner, Markus Wiederstein, Peter Lackner, Manfred J. Sippl
    The Coverage of Protein Fold Recognition

  76. S. Kramer, L. Ellis, C. Helma, S. Parsons, E. Gottmann
    The University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database: Developing a Formal Representation for the Prediction of Metabolic Pathways

  77. Evguenia Kriventseva, Wolfgang Fleischmann, Alexander Kanapin, Rolf Apweiler
    Clustering of Proteins from SWISS-PROT and TrEMBL (ps)

  78. Robert Küffner, Ralf Zimmer, and Thomas Lengauer
    Pathway Analysis in Metabolic Databases via Differential Metabolic Display (DMD)

  79. Tamara Kulikova, Pascal Hingamp, Rodrigo Lopez, Peter Sterk
    The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

  80. U. Kummer, L.F. Olsen, C.J. Dixon, A. Green, E. Bornberg-Bauer, G. Baier
    Switching from Simple to Complex Oscillations in the Information Processing via Calcium Ions

  81. Stefan Kurtz, Chris Schleiermacher
    REPuter: Fast Computation of Maximal Repeats in Complete Genomes

  82. Peter Lackner, Walter A. Koppensteiner, Francisco S. Domingues, Manfred J. Sippl
    Strategy for an Automated Evaluation of Protein Structure Predictions

  83. withdrawn

  84. Hilmar Lapp, Marion Weissmann, Judith Boer, Gudrun Werner
    Significance and Reliability of Hybridization Signals Derived from Expression Profiling on High-Density cDNA Arrays (ps)

  85. Heikki Lehväslaiho
    Bioinformatics of Sequence Variation

  86. Dorothee Liebich, Theo Mevissen, Ralf Zimmer, and Thomas Lengauer
    Packing Problems in Protein Folding

  87. Aaron J. Mackey, William R. Pearson
    Identifying Proteins from Multiple Peptide Sequences

  88. Martin Maiers
    Virtual Sequence Database: A Constraint Logic Database for Storage of DNA based HLA Typing Results (ps)

  89. A. M. Mallon, P. Denny, M. A. Strivens, R. Bate, W. Miller, M. Botcherby, M. Rhodes, A. Brass, A. Dangel, D. Cunningham, G. E. Herman, S. D. M. Brown
    Comparative Analysis of Mouse and Human Genomic Sequence: Implications for Software Development

  90. Renato Mancuso, Matthew Eldridge, Jacques van Helden, Shoshana J. Wodak
    An Object-Oriented Model for the Representation of Biochemical Networks

  91. Aron Marchler-Bauer, Stephen H. Bryant
    Progress in Protein Sequence-Structure Threading?

  92. Edward Marcotte, Matteo Pellegrini, Michael J. Thompson, Todd O. Yeates, David Eisenberg
    Assigning Protein Function by Comparing Genomes

  93. David Martin
    GENALYSER: An Integrated Gene Structure Visualisation Tool (ps)

  94. withdrawn

  95. E. E. May, M. A. Vouk, D. L. Bitzer, D. I. Rosnick
    Random Vector Model for Translation Initiation in E.coli K-12

  96. Pedro Mendes
    Gepasi - Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Biochemical Kinetics (ps)

  97. Luis Mendoza, Denis Thieffry, Elena R. Alvarez-Buylla
    Feedback Circuit Analysis of the Genetic Network Controlling Flower Morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

  98. Theo Mevissen, Friedrich Rippmann, Ralf Zimmer, Thomas Lengauer
    Large Scale Genome Annotation with 123D using Multiprocessor Machines

  99. Theo Mevissen, Joachim Selbig, Thomas Lengauer
    CoDe (Consensus Formation by Decision Tree Learning) A New Method for Consensus Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

  100. W. Michalek, A. Graner, K.-P. Pleissner
    Gene Mining in Barley: Generation and Database Analysis of ESTs

  101. Steffen Möller, Michele Magrane, Rolf Apweiler
    Testset of Transmembrane Proteins

  102. Adam Moore, Peter Murray-Rust
    XML and BioDOM - Structured Documents in Molecular Science

  103. Juha Muilu, Patricia Rodriguez-Tomé, Alan Robinson
    Genome Builder - Integrating External Applications and Databases using CORBA (ps)

  104. Yoichi Nakayama, Ryo Matsushima, Hisako Nakano, Akiko Kawase, Kouichi Takahashi, Masaru Tomita
    Computer Model of Human Erythrocyte using the E-CELL Simulation System

  105. Henrik Nielsen, Soren Brunak, Anders Krogh, Gunnar von Heijne
    The new SignalP

  106. Tamotsu Noguchi, Kentaro Onizuka, Yutaka Akiyama
    PDB-REPRDB: An Interactive Database of Representative Protein Chains from the Protein Data Bank (PDB)

  107. Tamotsu Noguchi, Kentaro Onizuka, Yutaka Akiyama
    PDB-REPRDB: An Interactive Database of Representative Protein Chains from the Protein Data Bank (PDB)

  108. Erik Nordling, Udo Oppermann, Bengt Persson
    Homology Modelling of Endoplasmic Reticulum associated Amyloid Beta-peptide Binding Protein (ERAB)

  109. withdrawn

  110. Kentaro Onizuka, Tamotsu Noguchi, Yutaka Akiyama
    The Mini-threading by Multi-dimensional Mean Force Potentials

  111. S. Orton, R. Cutts, R. Gill, P. East, M. Trower, P. Sanseau
    SAPI: A Semi-Automated Polymorphism Identification System

  112. Marco Pagni, Thomas Junier
    Dotlet: a Java Applet for Sequence Comparisons using the Dot Matrix Method

  113. Marco Pagni, Elsa Schweiss
    GICAS: Towards a Web-based Integration of Bioinformatics Resources

  114. Bengt Persson, Jan-Olov Höög, Hans Jörnvall
    Completed Genomes Give Insight in the Evolution of Short-chain and Medium-chain Dehydrogenases/reductases

  115. F. Plewniak, J.D. Thomson, O. Poch
    Ballast: A Motif oriented Blast Results Post-processing Program

  116. Hans-Peter Pohle, Bernd Drescher
    A Flexible Environment for Sequence Analysis and Visualisation

  117. withdrawn

  118. Elon Portugaly, Michal Linial
    Estimating the Probability of a Protein to have a New Fold based on a Map of all Protein Sequences (ps)

  119. Viviane Praz, Rouaida Cavin Périer, Thomas Junier, Claude Bonnard, Philipp Bucher
    The Eukaryotic Promoter Database

  120. Andreas Prlic, Francisco Domingues, Manfred Sippl
    New Structure based Substitution Matrices and their Applications

  121. A. Ptitsyn, J. Gamieldien, W. Hide
    Thieftest: A Data-mining Program for Horizontal Gene Transfer Detection

  122. Sven Rahmann, Eric Rivals, Martin Vingron
    A Generalization of Jokinen's and Ukkonen's Fundamental q-gram Lemma

  123. Aviv Regev
    Modeling Signal Transduction Using Process Algebra

  124. Jacqueline Renée Reich
    Ontological Design Patterns: Flexibility and Reuse of Molecular Biological Information

  125. Maido Remm, Erik Sonnhammer
    Classification of Transmembrane Protein Families in Caenorhabditis Elegans and Identification of Their Potential Human Orthologs

  126. Alexander Renner, András Aszódi
    Automatic Function Assignment for Novel Sequences by Annotation Clustering

  127. Peter Rice, Ian Longden
    EMBOSS: The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite

  128. Scott A. Rifkin, Kevin Atteson, Junhyong Kim
    Structural Analysis of Microarray Data Using Singular Value Decomposition (ps)

  129. Elena Rivas, Sean R. Eddy
    Secondary Structure is Generally Not Statistically Significant for the Detection of Noncoding RNAs

  130. Eduardo P. C. Rocha, Antoine Danchin, Alain Viari
    Long Repeats in Bacterial Genomes Reveal Alternative Evolutionary Mechanisms in Bacillus Subtilis and other Competent Prokaryotes (ps)

  131. Kim Rutherford, Valerie Wood
    The Use of Artemis for the Analysis and Annotation of Schizosaccharomyces Pombe

  132. Lucas Sánchez, Denis Thieffry
    The Formation of Segments in Drosophila Melanogaster: A Logical Analysis (ps)

  133. withdrawn

  134. Roger A. Sayle, J. Scott Dixon
    Virtual Network File Servers for Sequence Database Management and Bioinformatics Tool Integration

  135. Andrea Schafferhans, Gerhard Klebe
    Modelling Receptor Binding Sites

  136. Alexander Schliep
    Learning Hidden Markov Model Topology

  137. Heiko A. Schmidt, Korbinian Strimmer, Arndt von Haeseler, Martin Vingron
    PUZZLE/PPUZZLE: Using Parallel Computing for Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic Analysis

  138. Philip Scordis, William Wright, Teresa K. Attwood
    Intelligent Alternatives for Searching the PRINTS Database

  139. Guy St. C. Slater, Martin J. Bishop, Winston Hide
    framefinder: An Error-tolerant Approach for Prediction of the Peptide Implied by Assembled EST Consensi

  140. Tobias Söderman, Lennart Björkesten
    Artificial Neural Network used for the Detection of Mutations in DNA Sequence Raw Data (ps)

  141. Benjamin J. Stapley, Gerry Benoit
    BioBibliometrics: Information Retrieval and Visualization from Co-occurrence of Gene Names in Medline Abstracts

  142. Benjamin J. Stapley, Trevor P. Creamer
    Predicting SH3 Domain Binding Sequences using Artificial Neural Networks and other Methods

  143. withdrawn

  144. Dagmar Steffen, Klaus Muscheites, Dusan Ihracky, Lothar Gierl
    A Prototyp-based Evolutionary Tree for Zinc Finger Domains (ps)

  145. Matthias Steinfath, Steffen Hennig, Uwe Radelof, Hans Lehrach
    Preselection of Shotgun Clones by Oligonucleotide Fingerprinting

  146. Sucha Sudarsanam, Greg D. Plowman
    A Comprehensive Analysis of C. Elegans Protein Kinases from Genomic and EST Sequence Database

  147. Kouichi Takahashi, Kenta Hashimoto, Yusuke Saito, Tom Shimizu
    The E-CELL Simulation System: Software Environment for Whole Cell Simulation

  148. withdrawn

  149. Sarah A. Teichmann, Cyrus Chothia
    Fast Assignment of Protein Structures to Sequences using the Intermediate Sequence Library PDB-ISL

  150. Julie D. Thompson, Fridiric Plewniak, Olivier Poch
    BAliBASE: A Benchmark Alignment Database for the Evaluation of Multiple Alignment Programs (ps)

  151. Silvio Tosatto, Susanne Beiersdörfer, Marcus Prümmer, Eckart Bindewald, Jürgen Hesser, Reinhard Männer
    A Divide & Conquer Approach for the Ring Closure Problem

  152. M.L. Tress, D.T. Jones
    An Evaluation of the Alignment Accuracy of a Number of Sequence Comparison Techniques

  153. Craig Tulig, Erik Sassaman, Jim Brown
    Oasis: A Flexible Framework for High Throughput Sequence Analysis

  154. P. Ulintz, J. Hartman, P. Andrews
    A New Proteome Information Resource

  155. Iosif I. Vaisman
    Protein Structure Comparison Using Computational Geometry Methods (ps)

  156. William S. J. Valdar, Janet M. Thornton
    Residue Conservation at Protein-Protein Interfaces

  157. Jacques van Helden, David Gilbert, Lorenz Wernisch, Shoshana Wodak
    Logical Tools for Querying and Assisting Annotation of a Metabolic and Regulatory Pathway Database

  158. Wyeth Wasserman, Pankaj Agarwal
    dbMTN: A Human Gene Expression Reference Set

  159. Olaf Weiss, Hanspeter Herzel
    Correlation Functions and Property Codes of Different Proteomes

  160. Markus Wiederstein, Francisco S. Domingues, Walter A. Koppensteiner, Markus Jaritz, Andreas Prlic, Christian Weichenberger, Hannes Floeckner, Peter Lackner, Manfred J. Sippl
    CASP3 Prediction Results for the Fold Recognition Tool ProFIT

  161. T. Wiehe, M. Burset, J. Abril, S. Gebauer-Jung, R. Guigo
    Gene Structure Prediction and Validation based on Homologous Genomic Sequences

  162. Erik Winfree
    Design Tools for Artificial DNA Structures

  163. Jonathan D. Wren, Harold R. Garner
    Virtual Expression Arrays (ps)

  164. withdrawn

  165. Ying Xu, Dong Xu
    PROSPECT: A Computer System for Globally-Optimal Threading

  166. withdrawn

  167. Alexander Zien, Ralf Zimmer, Thomas Lengauer
    A Threading Approach for EST Data

  168. John Burke, Hui Wang
    Candidate Geene Screening and Novel Splice Form detection from EST and Full-Length Sequence Databases Through Accurate EST assembly and CRAW analysis (ps)

  169. Sabine Dietmann, Jong H. Park, Liisa Holm

  170. MurzinII
    An expert system for the evolutionary classification of protein domain structures