List of 34 Accepted Papers for ISMB'99

  1. Crystallographic Threading
    A. Ableson, J.I. Glasgow
  2. A Phylogenetic Approach to Molecular Structure Prediction
    Viatcheslav R. Akmaev, Scott T. Kelley, Gary D. Stormo
  3. Genomics via Optical Mapping III: Contiging Genomic DNA and Variations
    Thomas Anantharaman, Bud Mishra, David Schwartz
  4. Position-specific annotation of protein function based on multiple homologs
    Miguel A. Andrade
  5. Nearest Neighbor Classification in 3D Protein Databases
    Mihael Ankerst, Gabi Kastenmueller, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Thomas Seidl
  6. Reconstructing the Duplication History of a Tandem Repeat
    Gary Benson, Lan Dong
  7. Identify by Descent Genome Segmentation Based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Distributions
    Thomas W. Blackwell, Eric Rouchka, David J. States
  8. Automatic extraction of biological information from Scientific text: protein-protein interactions
    Christian Blaschke, Miguel A. Andrade, Christos Ouzounis, Alfonso Valencia
  9. A Data Base of Minimally Frustrated Alpha-Helical Segments Extracted from Proteins According to an Entropy Criterion
    Rita Casadio, Mario Compiani, Piero Fariselli, Pier Luigi Martelli
  10. Constructing Biological Knowledge Bases by Extracting Information from Text Sources
    Mark Craven, Johan Kumlien
  11. INTERACT: an object oriented protein-protein interaction database
    Karen Eilbeck, Andy Brass, Norman Paton, Charlie Hodgman
  12. Using Sequence Motifs for Enhanced Neural Network Prediction of Protein Distance Constraints
    Jan Gorodkin, Ole Lund, Claus A. Andersen, Soren Brunak
  13. Protein Fold Class Prediction: New Methods of Statistical Classification
    J. Grassmann, M. Reczko, S. Suhai, L. Edler
  14. Fidelity Probes for DNA Arrays
    Earl Hubbell, Pavel A. Pevzner
  15. Solving Large Scale Phylogenetic Problems using DCM
    Daniel H. Huson, Lisa Vawter, Tandy J. Warnow
  16. TEXTAL: A Pattern Recognition System for Interpreting Electron Density Maps
    Thomas R. Ioerger, Thomas Holton, Jon A. Christopher, James C. Sacchettini
  17. ESTScan: a program for detecting , evaluating, and reconstructing potential coding regions in EST sequences
    Christian Iseli, C. Victor Jongeneel, Philipp Bucher
  18. Using the Fisher kernel method to detect remote protein homologies
    Tommi Jaakkola, Mark Diekhans, David Haussler
  19. An Algorithm Combining Discrete and Continuous Methods for Optical Mapping
    R.M. Karp, I. Pe`er, R. Shamir
  20. Multiple Structural Alignment and Core Detection by Geometric Hashing
    Nathaniel Leibowitz, Zipora Y. Fligelman, Ruth Nussinov, Haim J. Wolfson
  21. Metrics and similarity measures for hidden Markov models
    Rune B. Lyngso, Christian N. S. Pedersen, Henrik Nielsen
  22. Quantitative, scalable discrete-event simulation of metabolic pathways
    Peter Meric, Michael Wise
  23. Spatio-temporal Registration of the Expression Patterns of Drosophila Segmentation Genes
    Ekaterina M. Myasnikova, David Kosman, John Reinitz, Maria G. Samsonova
  24. A Dataset Generator for Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing
    Gene Myers
  25. Rapid Assessment of Extremal Statistics for Gapped Local Alignment
    Rolf Olsen, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa
  26. Building Dictionaries Of 1D and 3D Motifs By Mining The Unaligned 1D Sequences Of 17 Archaeal and Bacterial Genomes
    Isidore Rigoutsos, Yuan Gao, Aris Floratos, Laxmi Parida
  27. A Linear Time Algorithm for Finding All Maximal Scoring Subsequences
    Walter L. Ruzzo, Martin Tompa
  28. Database Screening for HIV Protease Ligands: The Influence of Binding-Site Conformation and Representation
    Volker Schnecke, Leslie A. Kuhn
  29. A Motion Planning Approach to Flexible Ligang Binding
    Amit P. Singh, Jean-Claude Latombe, Douglas L. Brutlag
  30. An Exact Method for Finding Short Motifs in Sequences with Application to the Ribosome Binding Site Problem
    Martin Tompa
  31. Seamless Integration of Biological Applications into a Database Framework
    Thodoros Topaloglou, Anthony Kosky, Victor Markowitz
  32. Pharmaceutical target discovery using Guilt-by-Association: schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease genes
    Michael G. Walker, Wayne Volkmuth, Tod M. Klingler
  33. Analysis of ribosomal RNA sequences by combinatorial clustering
    Poe Xing, Casimir Kulikowski, Ilya Muchnik, Inna Dubchak, Denise Wolf, Sylvia Spengler, Manfred Zorn
  34. Database search based on Bayesian alignment
    Jun Zhu, Roland Luethy, Charles E. Lawrence