Satellite Prediction Experiment

Related to a ISMB'99 Tutorial a community-wide prediction and annotation experiment will be made. Please note the following announcement:

Dear colleagues,

On the eve of complete sequencing of the human and fly genome, the Drosophila Genome center is making an effort to review and evaluate existing tools for the annotation of long eukaryotic genomic sequences through a community wide experiment.

The goal of this experiment is to obtain an in-depth and objective assessment of the current state of the art in gene and functional site predictions in genomic DNA. To this end, participants will predict as much as possible about a sample Drosophila genomic region that has been studied intensively in the past. In addition to the genomic sequence of 2.9 Mbases all participants will be provided with additional gene feature datasets collected by the Drosophila genome center that can be used when making predictions or training computational methods. The experiment will be a blind test with no winners or losers.

Predictions can be submitted for the genomic sequence through email using a common file format (GFF). Participation in the experiment is open to everybody and predictions can be computational, biological or a combined consensus approach. The organizers ask for a detailed description of the method used.

Predictions should be submitted by June 30, 1999, to be evaluated by the organizers. Results of the experiment will be made available through a web site from the Drosophila Genome center and evaluation will be presented at the Tutorial #3  of the ISMB '99 conference in Heidelberg.

EVERY participant will be invited for a DINNER PARTY on August 6, 1999, at the ISMB conference after the tutorial.

Please access the data sequence and all necessary information from the experiment Web page at

Check this page regularly for updates.

We hope a lot of people will participate. For further information feel free to contact us by sending email to or directly to Martin Reese ( Feel free to distribute this email to colleagues who might be interested.

Best regards,

Martin Reese, Nomi Harris, George Hartzell, Uwe Ohler and Suzanna Lewis

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