Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lengauer

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Research Group Computational Biology

Campus E1 4
66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
email:   lengauer@mpi-inf.mpg.de
phone:   +49 681 9325 3000
fax:   +49 681 9325 3099
room:   524 (Building E1 4)

Recent Publications

Journal Publications

F. Schmidt, N. Gasparoni, G. Gasparoni, K. Gianmoena, C. Cadenas, J.K. Polansky, P. Ebert, K. Nordström, M. Barann, A. Sinha, S. Fröhler, J. Xiong, A.D. Amirabad, F. B. Ardakani, B. Hutter, G. Zipprich, B. Felder, J. Eils, B. Brors, W. Chen, J. Hengstler, A, Hamann, T. Lengauer, P. Rosenstiel, J. Walter, M.H. Schulz
Combining transcription factor binding affinities with an open-chromatin data for accurate gene expression prediction
Nucleic Acids Research 45, 1 (2017) 54-66.

A. Pironti, H. Walter, N. Pfeifer, E. Knops, N. Lübke, J. Büch, S. Di Gamberetto, R. Kaiser, T. Lengauer
Determination of phenotypic resistance cutoffs from routine clinical data
Journal of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 74, 5 (2017) e129-e137.

M. Ahmad, V. Helms, O.V. Kalinina, T. Lengauer
Elucidating the energetic contributions to the binding free energy
Journal of Chemical Physics 146 (2017) 014105.

A. Pironti, N. Pfeifer, H. Walter, B.-E. O. Jensen, M. Zazzi, P. Gomes, R. Kaiser, T. Lengauer
Using drug exposure for predicting drug resistance – a data-driven genotypic resistance tool
PLOSONE 12, 4 (2017) e0174992.

E. Heger, R. Kaiser, E. Knops, M. Neumann-Fraune, E. Schülter, A. Pironti, T. Lengauer, H. Walter, S. Sierra
Short Communication: Results of the first international HIV-1 coreceptor proficiency panel test
Journal of Clinical Virology 93 (2017) 53-56.

M. Ahmad, V. Helms, O.V. Kalinina, T. Lengauer
The role of conformational changes in molecular recognition
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 8 (2016) 2138-2144.

P. Kalaghatgi; A. M. Sikorski; E. Knops; D. Rupp; S. Sierra; E. Heger; M. Neumann-Fraune; B. Beggel; A. Walker; J. Timm; H. Walter; M. Obermeier; R. Kaiser; R. Bartenschlager; T. Lengauer
Geno2pheno[HCV] – A Web-based Interpretation System to Support Hepatitis C Treatment Decisions in the Era of Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents
PLOS ONE 11, 5 (2016) e0155869.

C. Auffray, R. Balling, I. Barroso, L. Benczze, M. Benson, J. Bergeron, E. Bernal-Delgado, N. Blomberg, C. Bock, A. Conesa, S. Del Signore, C. Delogne, P. Devilee, A. Di Meglio, R. Eijkemans, P. Flicek, N. Graf, V. Grimm, H.-J. Guchelaar, Y. Guo, I.G. Gut, A. Hanbury, S. Hanif, R.-D. Hilgers, A. Honrado, D.R. Hose, J. Houwing-Duistemaat, T. Hubbard, S.H. Janacek, H. Karanikas, T. Kievits, M. Kohler, A. Kremer, T. Lengauer, E. Maes, T. Meert, W. Müller, D. Nickel, P. Oledzki, B. Pedersen, M. Pietkovic, K. Pliakos, M. Rattray, J. Redon I Mas, R. Schneider, T. Sengstag, X.S. Picamal, W. Spek, M. Tome, L.A.I. Vaas, O. van Batenburg, M. Vandelaer, P. Varnai, P. Villoslada, J. A. Vizcaino, J.P.M. Wubbe, G. Zanetti
Making sense of big data in health research: Towards a European Union action plan
Genome Medicine 8, 1 (2016) 71.

S. Wallner, C. Schröder, E. Leitao, T. Berulava, D. Beißer, S. Rahmann, A. S. Richter, T. Manke, U. Bönisch, L. Arrigoni, S. Fröhler, F. Klironomos, W. Chen, N. Rajewsky, F. Müller, P. Ebert, T. Lengauer, M. Barann, M. Rosenstiel, P. Gasparoni, K. Nordström, J. Walter, B. Brors, G. Zipprich, B. Felder, L. Klein-Hitpass, , C. Attenberger, G. Schmitz, B. Horsthemke
Epigenetic dynamics of monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation
Epigenetics and Chromatin 9 (2016) 33.

P. Durek, K. Nordström, G. Gasparoni, A. Salhab, C. Kressler, M. de Almeida, K. Bassler, T. Ulas, F. Schmidt, J. Xiong, P. Glazar, F. Klironomos, A. Sinha, S. Kinkley, X. Yang, L. Arragoni, A. D. Amirabad, F. B. Ardakani, L. Feuerbach, O. Gorka, P. Ebert, F. Müller, N. Li, S. Frischbutter, S. Schlickeiser, C. Cendon, S. Fröhler, B. Felder, N. Gasparoni, C. D. Imbusch, B. Hutter, G. Zipprich, Y. Tauchmann, S. Reinke, G. Wassilew, U. Hoffmann, A. S. Richter, L. Sieverling, H.-D. Chang, U. Syrbe, U. Kalus, J. Eils, B. Brors, T. Manke, J. Ruland, T. Lengauer, N. Rajewsky, W. Chen, J. Dong, B. Sawitzki, H.-R. Chung, P. Rosenstiel, M. H. Schulz, J. Schultze, A. Radbruch, J. Walter, A. Hamann, J. K. Polansky
Epigenetic reprogramming during differentiation of human CD4+ T cells
Immunity 45, 5 (2016) 1148-1161.

P. Kalaghatgi, N. Pfeifer, T. Lengauer
Family-joining: a fast distance-based method for constructing generally labeled trees
Molecular Biology and Evolution 33, 10 (2016) 2720-2734.

M. Farlik, F. Halbritter, F. Müller, F. A. Choudry, P. Ebert, J. Klughammer, S, Farrow, A, Mathur, R. Uppal, H. Stunnenberg, W.H. Ouwehand, E. laurenti, T. Lengauer, M. Frontini. C. Bock
The BLUEPRINT of human hematopoietic differentiation inscribed in DNA methylation
Cell Stem Cell 19, 6 (2016) 808-822.

M. Döring, P. Borrego, J. Büch, A. Martins, G. Friedrich, R.J. Camacho, J. Eberle, R. Kaiser, T. Lengauer, N. Taveria, N. Pfeifer
A data-driven approach for the determination of HIV-2 coreceptor usage enables epidemiological studies and clinical decision support
Retrovirology 13, 1 (2016) 85.

F. Schweitzer, S.M. Müller-Schmucker, V. Dlugav, M. Däumer, D. Hammerschmidt, B.E.O. Jensen, T. Harrer, T. Lengauer, R. Kaiser, S. Trapp
Transmitted drug resistance associated mutations (RAMs) in therapy naïve human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) infected patients: persistence via immune selection? – A multicentre cohort study
Submitted at European Journal of Medical Research (2015).

P. Ebert, F. Müller, K. Nordström, T. Lengauer, M.H. Schulz
A general concept for consistent documentation of computational analyses
Database (2015)

S. Caprari, S. Metzler, T. Lengauer, O. Kalinina
Sequence and structure analysis of distantly related viruses reveals extensive gene transfer between viruses and hosts and among viruses
Viruses 7, 10 (2015) 5388-5409.

M. Ahmad, V. Helms T. Lengauer, O. Kalinina
How molecular conformational changes affect changes in free energy
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 11, 7 (2015) 2945-2957.

M. Ahmad, V. Helms, T. Lengauer, O. Kalinina
The enthalpy-entropy compensation upon molecular conformational changes
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 11, 4 (2015) 1410-1418.

M. Dietzen, O. Kalinina, K. Taškova, B. Kneissl, A. K. Hildebrandt, E. Jaenicke, H. Decker, T. Lengauer, A. Hildebrandt
Large oligomeric complex structures can be computationally assembled by combining docked interfaces
Proteins: Structure Function and Bioinformatics 83, 10 (2015) 1887-1899.

N. Lübke, S. Sierra, V. Di Cristanziano, E. Schülter, B. O. Jensen, M. Oette, T. Lengauer, R. Kaiser
Proviral DNA as target for HIV-1 resistance analysis
Intervirology 58, 3 (2015), 184-189.

S. Sierra, J.N. Dybowski, A. Pironti, D. Heider, L. Güney, A. Thielen, S. Reuter, S. Esser, G. Fätkenheuer, T. Lengauer, D. Hoffmann, H. Pfister, B. Jensen, R. Kaiser
Parameters influencing baseline HIV-1 genotypic tropism testing related to clinical outcome in patients on Maraviroc
PLOSONE 10, 5 (2015) e0125502.

A. Pironti, N. Pfeifer, S. Sierra, R. Kaiser, T. Lengauer
Effects of sequence alterations on results from genotypic tropism testing
Journal of Clinical Virology 65 (2015) 68-73.

Y. Assenov, F. Müller, P. Lutsik, J. Walter, T. Lengauer, C. Bock
Comprehensive analysis of DNA methylation with RnBeads
Nature Methods 11, 11 (2014) 1138-1140.

N. Pfeifer, H. Walter, T. Lengauer
Association between HIV-1 coreceptor usage and resistance to broadly neutralizing antibodies
Journal of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (2014)

D. Becker, P. Lutsik, P. Ebert, C. Bock, T. Lengauer, J. Walter
BiQ Analyzer HiMod: an interactive software tool for high-throughput locus-specific analysis of 5-methylcytosine and its oxidized derivatives
Nucleic Acids Research 42, Web Server Issue (2014) W501-W507.

A.K. Hildebrandt, M. Dietzen, T. Lengauer, H.P. Lenhof, E. Althaus, A. Hildebrandt
Efficient computation of root mean square deviations under rigid tranformations
Journal of Computational Chemistry 35, 10 (2013) 765-771.

B. Beggel, M. Neumann-Fraune, R. Kaiser, J. Verheyen, T. Lengauer
Inferring phase information from sequencing chromatograms
PLOSONE 8, 12 (2013) e81687.

O. V. Kalinina, N. Pfeifer, T. Lengauer
Modelling binding between CCR5 and CXCR4 receptors and their ligands suggests the surface electrostatic potential of the co-receptor to be a key player in the HIV-1 tropism
Retrovirology 10, 11 (2013) 130.

M. Oette, S. Reuter, R. Kaiser, B. Jensen, T. Lengauer, G. Fätkenheuer, H. Knechten, M. Hower, A, Sagir, H. Pfister, D. Häussinger
For the RESINA Study Group, Ambulatory care for HIV-infected patients: differences in outcomes between hospital-based units and private practices: analysis of the RESINA cohort
European Journal of Medical Research 18 (2013) 48.

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Journal of Virology 87, 11 (2013) 6172-6181

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Analysis of physicochemical and structural properties determining HIV-1 coreceptor usage
PLoS Computational Biology 9, 3 (2013) e1002977

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DNA Methylation Patterns Facilitate the Identification of Transcription Start Sites: A Brain-specofoc Study
PLOSONE 8, 6 (2013) e66722

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Full genome ultra-deep pyrosequencing associates G-to-A hypermutation of the hepatitis B virus genome with the natural progression of hepatitis B
Journal of Viral Hepatitis (2013)

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A method for finding consensus breakpoints in the cancer genome from copy number data
Bioinformatics (2013) 1793-1800

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Sensitive detection of viral transcripts in human tumor transcriptomes
PLOS Computational Biology 9,10 (2013) e1003228

E. Heger, A. Thielen, R. Gilles, M. Obermeier, T. Lengauer, R. Kaiser, S. Trapp
APOBEC3G/F a one possible driving source for co-receptor switch of the human immunodeficiency virus-1
Medical Microbiology and Immunology 201, 1 (2012) 7-16

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Nature Biotechnology 30. 2 (2012)  224-226

J. Bogojeska, D. Stöckel, M. Zazzi, R. Kaiser, F. Incardona, M. Rosen-Zvi, T. Lengauer
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Journal of Machine Learning Research  22 (Proceedings of AISTATS 2012) (2012) 118-126

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MicroRNA Transcription Start Site Prediction with Multi-objective Feature Selection Statistical
Applications in Molecular Biology and Genetics 11, 1 (2012) 1-25

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Endogenous or exogenous spreading of HIV-1 in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany, investigated by phylodynamic analysis of the Resina cohort
Medical Microbiology and Immunology 201, 3 (2012) 259-269

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