Prabhav Kalaghatgi

Prabhav Kalaghatgi

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Research Group Computational Biology

Campus E1 4
66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
email:   prabhavk@mpi-inf.mpg.de
phone:   +49 681 9325 3023
fax:   +49 681 9325 3099
room:   523 (Building E1 4)
2nd homepage:  https://www.molgen.mpg.de/person/100984/93994

Reasearch interests

I am interested in modeling the evolutionary relationships of fast evolving pathogens. Evolutionary relationships are modeled using phylogenetic trees which are of epidemiological interest as they can be used to infer migration patterns such as transmission history.

In the course of my PhD I have developed the method family joining (FJ). FJ enables the modeling of the ancestor-descendant relationships which may be present in serially sampled pathogen genomic data. FJ constructs so-called generally labeled trees, which are phylogenetic trees in which taxa may be placed at internal vertices and the tree may contain polytomies if there is insufficient information regarding the order of the corresponding branching events contained within the polytomy.