This is the webpage for software 'Samarth', which is a pipeline for predicting long-rage chromatin interactions using the genetic sequence.
Manuscript authors: Sarvesh Nikumbh and Nico Pfeifer

The following files are available for download:
1. A tar gzipped folder containing the executables of the software for two settings -- simple and multitask learning (MTL). Also contains a README file.

2. Matlab Runtime version 9.0 for 64-bit Linux. Originally downloaded from

3. Owing to its large size, separately provided directory, named 'data'. Contains sample pipeline output for 3 regions.
data.tar.gz (~12GB)

Please let us know in case you face difficulty in working with the software or have any suggestions. We will be glad to help you out.

Disclaimer: This program is free software for academic use, with no warranty or liability.