Computational Haplotyping

Computational Haplotyping - Tobias Marschall

General info

  • Seminar kick-off meeting: 4pm, November 9th, 2016, in room 007, E2.1
  • You have to attend the kick-off meeting to get a topic.
  • Seminar will be held in a block in March or April (exact date to be determined in kick-off meeting)
  • Prerequisites: having attended the lecture Algorithms for Sequence Analysis (ASA) and/or Methods for Population Genetics (MFPG) is recommended
  • Up to 10 topics available
  • Every participant writes a report and gives a talk
  • Attending the block seminar is mandatory


We inherit one copy of each (autosomal) chromosome from our mother and one copy from our father. These two DNA sequences per chromosome are known as haplotypes. Determining haplotypes is important for many applications ranging from population history to clinical questions. This seminar will give an overview over approaches to determine haplotype sequences using diverse data sources such as long sequencing reads, pedigree information or population-scale genotype data. For the impatient, here are links to review articles:

Note that the above papers are reviews that help to you get an overview. They are NOT the papers to select a topic from (which I will post soon).

Teaching material

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