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Structural Bioinformatics (WS 2008/2009)


You can find all project reports here.
The final report on the project is due February 9th, 8 a.m. You should give a short presentation in the last lecture slot on February, 11th so please make sure you attend it.
Please register for the oral exam by sending an E-mail to the tutor with your preferred language and preferred co-students. The available exam dates are March 2nd and April 17th.
The complete semester project description is online here
The semester project description - for the first milestone -is online here.


Lecturer: Ingolf Sommer
Tutor: Jasmina Bogojeska

Course Details

Language: English
Credit Points: 5 LP
Module-Identifier: BI-BM-1
Level: Graduate course

Times and Locations

Lecture: Wednesday, 14-16h c.t., in Building E1 4 (MPI Building), Room 021
Starting Wednesday, October 22


The course provides three perspectives on protein structure and function: principles of protein science, computational techniques, and applications. Topics covered include structure determination, geometric techniques for handling and comparing structures, capturing and describing shape and biochemical properties, structure function relationships and function prediction.
The lecture will be complemented by a semester project, confronting students with research problems.


The course is targeted towards bioinformatics students, who have followed 'Computational Biology / Bioinformatics II'.

Requirements for the Course Certificate

There will be one project along with the course during the whole semester. The project will consist of reading, programming, writing a brief report, and giving a short presentation. Participating successfully in the project is a necessary requirement for taking the oral exam. The final grade will be 33% semester-project and 67% oral exam. The course is within the curriculum bioinformatics as an elective course with 5 credit points.

Office Hours

Ingolf Sommer before/after each lecture in the lecture hall and appointments by email
Jasmina Bogojeska: Wednesday, 16-17h, Building E1 4 (MPI Building), Room 526 and appointments/questions by email


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