ISMB 99: Detailed Schedule


Saturday 07.08.1999
Sunday 08.08.1999
Monday 09.08.1999
Tuesday 10.08.1999

Friday 06.08.1999

Tutorial Day:


8:30 - 12:30

(Coffee break around 10:30)



13:30 - 17:30

(Coffee break around 15:30)

Saturday 07.08.1999



Chair: Thomas Lengauer

9:50 Keynote Manfred Eigen
The Origin of Biological Information
 10:40  Coffee Break

Protein Structures

Chair: Rick Lathrop

 11:00 Keynote Michael J.E. Sternberg
Exploiting Protein Structure in the Post-genome Era
 11:50 TEXTAL: A Pattern Recognition System for Interpreting Electron Density Maps
Thomas R. Ioerger, Thomas Holton, Jon A. Christopher, James C. Sacchettini
12:15 Crystallographic Threading
A. Ableson, J.I. Glasgow


Press Conference

Chair: Peer Bork

14:00 Keynote Eugene V. Koonin
Comparative genomics: Is it changing the paradigm of evolutionary biology?

Protein Structures

Chair: Janice Glasgow

14:50 Multiple Structural Alignment and Core Detection by Geometric Hashing
Nathaniel Leibowitz, Zipora Y. Fligelman, Ruth Nussinov, Haim J. Wolfson
15:15 Using Sequence Motifs for Enhanced Neural Network Prediction of Protein Distance Constraints
Jan Gorodkin, Ole Lund, Claus A. Andersen, Soren Brunak
15:40 Nearest Neighbor Classification in 3D Protein Databases
Mihael Ankerst, Gabi Kastenmueller, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Thomas Seidl
16:05 A Data Base of Minimally Frustrated Alpha-Helical Segments Extracted from Proteins According to an Entropy Criterion
Rita Casadio, Mario Compiani, Piero Fariselli, Pier Luigi Martelli
16:30 Coffee Break
16:50 Posters and Demos
18:30 End of Scientific Day


Sunday 08.08.1999


Arrays and Expression Patterns

Chair: Reinhard Schneider

9:00 Keynote Robert J. Lipshutz
Genes, Chips and Genomes
9:50 Pharmaceutical target discovery using Guilt-by-Association:
Schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease genes

Michael G. Walker, Wayne Volkmuth, Tod M. Klingler
 10:15 Fidelity Probes for DNA Arrays
Earl Hubbell, Pavel A. Pevzner
 10:40  Coffee Break

Remote Homologies

Chair: Ralf Zimmer

 11:00 Database search based on Bayesian alignment
Jun Zhu, Roland Luethy, Charles E. Lawrence
 11:25 Using the Fisher kernel method to detect remote protein homologies
Tommi Jaakkola, Mark Diekhans, David Haussler
11:50 Protein Fold Class Prediction: New Methods of Statistical Classification
J. Grassmann, M. Reczko, S. Suhai, L. Edler

Job Fair

Chair: Thomas Lengauer

14:00  Keynote Richard M. Karp
Combinatorial Problems in Gene Expression Analysis Using DNA Microarrays

Sequence Analysis Algorithms

Chair: Chris Rawlings

14:50 A Linear Time Algorithm for Finding All Maximal Scoring Subsequences
Walter L. Ruzzo, Martin Tompa
15:15 Rapid Assessment of Extremal Statistics for Gapped Local Alignment
Rolf Olsen, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa
15:40 Metrics and similarity measures for hidden Markov models
Rune B. Lyngso, Christian N. S. Pedersen, Henrik Nielsen
16:05 An Exact Method for Finding Short Motifs in Sequences with Application to the Ribosome Binding Site Problem
Martin Tompa
16:30 Coffee Break
16:50 Posters and Demos
18:30 End of Scientific Day
20:00 ISCB Plenary Meeting


Monday 09.08.1999



Chair: Peter Karp

9:00 Keynote Amos Bairoch
SWISS-PROT in the 21st century!
9:50 Automatic extraction of biological information from Scientific text: protein-protein interactions
Christian Blaschke, Miguel A. Andrade, Christos Ouzounis, Alfonso Valencia
 10:15 Constructing Biological Knowledge Bases by Extracting Information from Text Sources
Mark Craven, Johan Kumlien
 10:40  Coffee Break

Systems and Networks

Chair: Peer Bork

 11:00 Identify by Descent Genome Segmentation Based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Distributions
Thomas W. Blackwell, Eric Rouchka, David J. States
 11:25 Spatio-temporal Registration of the Expression Patterns of Drosophila Segmentation Genes
Ekaterina M. Myasnikova, David Kosman, John Reinitz, Maria G. Samsonova
11:50 Seamless Integration of Biological Applications into a Database Framework
Thodoros Topaloglou, Anthony Kosky, Victor Markowitz
 12:40 Lunch
14:00 Solar Eclipse Lecture (further info on eclipse)
 15:30 Excursion


Tuesday 10.08.1999


Whole Genome Analysis

Chair: Hans-Werner Mewes

9:00 Keynote Anthony R. Kerlavage
Computational Genomics: Biological Discovery in Complete Genomes
   Motifs and Function Prediction
9:50 Building Dictionaries Of 1D and 3D Motifs By Mining The Unaligned 1D Sequences Of 17 Archeal and Bacterial Genomes
Isidore Rigoutsos, Yuan Gao, Aris Floratos, Laxmi Parida
 10:15 Position-specific annotation of protein function based on multiple homologs
Miguel A. Andrade
 10:40  Coffee Break

Molecular Interactions

Chair: Douglas Brutlag

 11:00 A Motion Planning Approach to Flexible Ligang Binding
Amit P. Singh, Jean-Claude Latombe, Douglas L. Brutlag
 11:25 Database Screening for HIV Protease Ligands: The Influence of Binding-Site Conformation and Representation
Volker Schnecke, Leslie A. Kuhn
11:50 INTERACT: an object oriented protein-protein interaction database
Karen Eilbeck, Andy Brass, Norman Paton, Charlie Hodgman
 12.15 Quantitative, scalable discrete-event simulation of metabolic pathways
Peter Meric, Michael Wise



Chair: Peer Bork

14:00 Keynote Matthias Mann
Gene Function via the Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Multi-Protein Complexes

DNA Sequencing, Mapping, ESTs

Chair: Martin Vingron

14:50 An Algorithm Combining Discrete and Continuous Methods for Optical Mapping
R.M. Karp, I. Pe`er, R. Shamir
15:15 Genomics via Optical Mapping III: Contiging Genomic DNA and Variations
Thomas Anantharaman, Bud Mishra, David Schwartz
15:40 A Dataset Generator for Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing
Gene Myers
16:05 ESTScan: a program for detecting , evaluating, and reconstructing potential coding regions in EST sequences
Christian Iseli, C. Victor Jongeneel, Philipp Bucher
16:30 Coffee Break

Phylogenetic Analysis and Clustering

Chair: Gary Stormo

16:50 Solving Large Scale Phylogenetic Problems using DCM
Daniel H. Huson, Lisa Vawter, Tandy J. Warnow
17:15 A Phylogentic Approach to Molecular Structure Prediction
Viatcheslav R. Akmaev, Scott T. Kelley, Gary D. Stormo
17:40 Reconstructing the Duplication History of a Tandem Repeat
Gary Benson, Lan Dong
18:05 Analysis of ribosomal RNA sequences by combinatorial clustering
Poe Xing, Casimir Kulikowski, Ilya Muchnik, Inna Dubchak, Denise Wolf, Sylvia Spengler, Manfred Zorn
18:30 Closing Remarks
18:45 End of Conference



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